Monday, 3 April 2017

The 10th Hall Of Fame Inductee For Contribution To Screenwriting - Billy Bob Thornton

Although he’s perhaps most well-known as an actor (and to a lesser extent as a musician), the multi-talented Billy Bob Thornton, for many years a struggling artist, literally wrote his own success. Writing and starring in 1992’s One False Move brought him to the attention of many, it was the long gestation and development of his passion project, 1996’s Sling Blade (which he also starring in and directed) which made Thornton, then in his early-forties, one of the hottest new talents in Hollywood. Sling Blade, though an at times challenging film, is a quintessential example of classical storytelling in the poetic vein of Southern Gothic literature. Since then, he has primarily worked in front of the camera, but has an intermittent continuing presence as a writer. Admittedly, there have been mixed results, but nothing can take away from the brilliance of Sling Blade, and I feel that if the stars would align, circumstances coming together, he could do something of equal power. A unique and gifted talent.

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