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Friday, 31 March 2017

The 10th Hall Of Fame Inductee For Contribution To Musical Composition - Dimitri Tiomkin

Despite being musically-trained in Russia, master composer and songwriter Dmitri Tiomkin was once described by Gig Young in a 1956 television interview as having written “the most American-sounding tunes you and I have ever heard.” Indeed, in the case of High Noon (one of the many Westerns under his belt, along with the likes of Duel In The Sun, Giant, Rio Bravo and The Alamo), he is largely credited with saving the film. After the picture was poorly received at preview screenings, Tiomkin purchased the rights to the theme song, The Ballad Of High Noon, which, released as a single with singer Frankie Laine would become a worldwide hit, precipitating the film’s successful release and later canonisation into the pantheon of classic Westerns. Tiomkin would also enjoy associations with directors such as Frank Capra, King Vidor and Alfred Hitchcock. Lauded for his ability to weave his orchestral scores to fit the story, themes and visual presentation of a picture, Tiomkin is rightfully considered one of the great film composers.

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