Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Act Of Killing Screening

Seeing as how this little venture started off on this blog, may as well make the time to remind my good readership of my existence and what I've been up to during my recent sabbatical.
Last July, I saw this film at the Queens Film Theatre and was blown away by the power of it's subversive qualities. The beauty is in the simplicity, as they say, in that director Joshua Oppenheimer had the 'gall' (as some people would see it) to let Indonesian war criminals, many of whom are still in power, film re-enacts of their own killings.
I found a lot of it absurdly humorous, but there comes a point, different for everyone I'm sure, when the whole weight and burden of horror that one has upon this realisation is really quite overwhelming.
Along the way, Joshua Oppenheimer picked up much critical acclaim, ringing endorsements from docu-maestros Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, a BAFTA award for Best Documentary Feature and an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary.
As such, with UK distributor Dogwoof's seal of approval, it gives me the greatest of pleasure to present, by way of the good folks of The Warzone Collective, to present to you Joshua Oppenheimer's extraordinary The Act Of Killing.
The doors to the premises will open at 18.30 and the film will be screening at 20.00 sharp. Enjoy!

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