Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The 5th Hall Of Fame Inductee Representing Drama Film: Raging Bull (1980) - Martin Scorsese

Raging Bull is a movie that’s really grown on me over the years. I saw it first at about eleven, and being a Rocky fan it was a bit different to what I expected. It was about seven-eight years till I saw it again and was fully convinced of its greatness. There was a time when I saw a lot of my own self-destructive tendencies in Robert De Niro’s Jake La Motta, and the movie as a whole was important in me gaining a greater understanding of myself and my anger management. Notwithstanding that personal connection, you have an artist in Martin Scorsese who put his whole heart and soul into this movie, which in it’s architecture, from acting to cinematography to editing to writing to all the many many different things it does to you, hits every single point to absolute perfection. 

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