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Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Thin White Dude's Update Volume 1038578300... yadda, yadda, yadda!

In case you thought I've crawled under a rock, like Zarathustra (and the recently 'missing' Jaz Coleman), I've been spending a few weeks in contemplative solitude, meditating on the horrors of the contemporary world, and how, in my great wisdom, to address these issues. Which is a way of saying I've been on holiday.

Anyway, I've been (and will be) pretty busy, so reviews will probably be erratic in terms of posting regularity, but I'll try and push on anyway. Today, I'll be reviewing Chill (if I can get the security tag off the wretched box: stupid Asda shop assistant!) and I have procured a copy of This Must Be The Place in my travels, so a review for that will be in the works. Also, I'll be getting round to looking at others, but I'm not making any guarantees on what I'll be seeing, I'm just gonna watch what I can.

Finally, I've going to follow this with a post for my movie of the month for July 2012: there's only five movies from last month reviewed, but that's enough for what I'm trying to achieve. Toodles, and, as ever, keep your eyes posted!

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