Friday, 16 December 2011

The Thin White Dude Makes Another Update As An Excuse For Not Having Posted Any Reviews!

Alright, folks, I have been pretty busy in University of late, and thus haven't been updating as regularly as possible. That is not to say that the reviews aren't still going on: far from it! I've got a quota of my own to meet, and have at least a good month and a half left to go.

Next in line are my reviews for The Adjustment Bureau, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Hugo, so, as ever keep your eyes posted!

Also, I am going to start a new blog (under The Thin White Dude moniker), in which I effectively cast myself as a producer and create these fantasy line-ups for who I would choose for certain parts (director, screenwriter, cast etc) in the creative process. Self-imposed rules are simple: I will suggest a contemporary player for a part in the production, and one from the history of cinema. Therefore, you can get some idea of what would be a 'true' fantasy adaptation and a 'realistic' adaptation. I will beginning this with my proposed 'fantasy' adaptation for the video game Metal Gear Solid, and, in coining a new catchphrase, keep your eyes wide open!

P.S. Once again, to Jack's complete lack of surprise, (god knows I sound like a broken record), apologies. The review for Shutter Island is not just some pipe dream, it exists in some form or another, and it's just a matter of not being so lazy as to translate them into terms of universal understanding!


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