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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Thin White Dude's Movie Of The Month: October 2011 - Tyrannosaur

Paddy Considine proves himself a formidable force as the writer-director of this great film. Starring Peter Mullan, who is on a career high following his writer-director work on Neds, Tyrannosaur also boast great, naturalistic performances from Olivia Colman and Eddie Marsan. Also, there is some great cinematography from Erik Wilson and excellent sound design that wholly integrates the film's audience in its setting, one that is at once both of a cinema verite mould and a dystopian nightmare. It might not make for pleasant viewing, but Tyrannosaur is a gripping and essential film to be seen.

The Thin White Dude's Prognosis - 8.5/10

Runner-Up: Real Steel - A surprisingly effective action film on both the dramatic and visual side of things

Avoid Life The Plague: Barbarossa: Siege Lord - A repugnantly filthy and loathsome auteur 'masterpiece' from Renzo Martinelli

Second-Most Deadly Disease: Johnny English Reborn - Rowan Atkinson picks up a nice pay cheque in this thoroughly dull comedy

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