Monday, 10 October 2011

The Thin White Dude's Movie Of The Month: September 2011 - Neds

An extraordinarily powerful film of savage grace. Peter Mullan's highly personal film has the feel of someone who wishes to portray this subculture with great care. Mullan does so, and directs his own script with terrific energy that is reflected in the amazing lead performance by the debuting Conor McCarron. Along with fine cinematography/lighting by Roman Osin and music by Craig Armstrong, all these elements combine to make a film akin to This Is England and Scum, and currently stands as my film of the year.

The Thin White Dude's Prognosis - 9.3/10

Runner-Up: Rango - Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp shock with this great surreal, wacky and pure bonkers animated comedy

Avoid Like The Plague: Killer Elite - A really bad action flick that tries too hard to be something it isn't

Second-Most Deadly Disease: One Day - Nuts-and-bolts, overly cliched romance that is predictable at every turn

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