Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Thin White Dude: Regarding The Auld Blog

Just aquick final correspondence for the day regarding the current state of my blog. As anyone who has bothered too the read the blogs I do my best to not use "foul" language in them, not because it might offend people, but because I wish to disassociate myself from the significant portion of blogging bozos who vocabulary consists of using "fuck" every five words. Do what you will, but I like to display a wide range of words with which to inject my readers with, hopefully enlightening them in some way or another. However, I have found of late that my avoidance of "swearing" in my blogs has been annoying, and I have been forcing myself to keep my brain on a leash. Call it lazy, but I am just saying outright here that as of finishing this blog, I will no longer keep myself from swearing in my blogs. By no means will I overdo it, I know of all people how annoying it is to read every "fuck, shit, piss" blog and social networking dimwit being unable to express themselves adequately. I'm just saying now that I may on the odd occasion be inclined to swear in the blogs in order to express myself more freely and in a way which would be more representative of me and the nature of my critical mind. Peace out!

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