Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Thin White Dude Apologises - Yes Man and Gran Torino

I am terribly sorry. I cannot give a review for Yes Man in because it came out on December 26 2008 and not January of 2009. Put it this way, in short, I thought that it was a good and enjoyable, if very cliched comedy: 6.0/10. Also, I can't review Gran Torino due to it's Oscar season entry last year. However, I really loved the film: great, effortless direction and acting on Clint Eastwood's part (not that he doesn't make an effort, he's just so good he makes it look like he isn't trying: Kermode you were right), and a really strong and poetic film which if it is to be, a fine swansong to our man Clint's acting career. A genuine masterpiece.

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